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The Witch's Complete Guide to Astrology (Hard Cover Book)

The Witch's Complete Guide to Astrology (Hard Cover Book)

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The Witch’s Complete Guide to Astrology is a modern guide for modern witches filled with practical interpretations of the zodiac that will help you tap into your innate power and find meaning in your daily life.


Witchcraft is the practice of connecting a deeper power within yourself to the power within nature. Blending witchcraft with the celestial realm, the abundance of meditations and manifestations in this guide will help you unite with your intentions and the natural world around you to live a truly fulfilled life.


While this book will not give you a simple spell to be happy or look into your future, it will give you a deeper understanding of your own nature and practice as a witch, as well as those closest to you (and, perhaps, those you should keep at arm’s length).


This 168-page beginner-level guide—presented in a beautiful, illustrated hardcover format—includes the following:


Introduction: A brief history of astrology, with a Wiccan’s perspective, and how witches use it in their craft; also, where and how to get your birth/natal chart.

Signs of the Zodiac: An introduction to each sign (with their respective elements, modalities, symbols, rising signs, planets, etc.), with special crystals, herbs, magical rituals, and spells for each sign.

Understanding the Magic of the Moon: An explanation of the moon’s importance in witchcraft, the lunar phases and rituals to do in each cycle, and signs of the moon with magic and rituals for each (such as best days to perform candle magic, intention setting, etc.).

The Astrology Houses: What they are, how to use them, how the houses affect your witchcraft (and life), and a spell or ritual for each.

The Planets: Their importance in witchcraft and modern life along with the herbs and crystals associated with each. Also, ideal spells for signs in the planets.

Complete with meditations and mantras to guide you through the toughest parts of your craft, The Witch’s Complete Guide to Astrology is an essential part of any self-aware pagan’s library. By following your natal (birth) chart, this book will guide you in learning about your sun, star, and moon signs; your planets and houses; through how to care for yourself and your inner witch. Everything you need is already written in the stars; you just have to unlock your potential and manifest the future you deserve and desire.


Discover today’s top trending mind, body, spirit topics with the Witch’s Complete Guide series from Chartwell Books. From personal care to reading the tarot, these engaging lifestyle guides give modern witches the expert insight and spiritual know-how they need while practicing their craft. Whether you want to explore the stars or the magic of crystals, or make it a priority to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, these brightly colored take-along handbooks have the tools you need to succeed.


Other titles in the series include: The Witch’s Complete Guide to Self-Care, The Witch’s Complete Guide to Tarot, and The Witch’s Complete Guide to Crystals.

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