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Your Birthstone Book - Unearth the Secrets of Your Birthday Gem

Your Birthstone Book - Unearth the Secrets of Your Birthday Gem

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Learn the amazing (and sometimes #magical ) history of gemstones from around the world through the corresponding birthstones that represent each month of the year.

#Gemstones are among Earth’s rarest and most beautiful creations. They are history’s preeminent symbols of wealth and power. They are valued because they are beautiful and rare, but also because their beauty is undiminished with time. The stone that once adorned a king or maharaja, might today be set in a ring or necklace, and if not destroyed, will continue to sparkle thousands of years from now. This history only increases the value of these stones. What better way to teach young readers about gemstones than by focusing on the different #birthstones that correspond to each month of the year? Everyone (mostly) knows their birthstone. But do they know the full history of these stones--where they were mined, how/why they were popular, or how to best harness a stone's energy to help deal with matters of friendship, family, and life? Your Birthstone Book will give readers insight into the powers assigned different bithstones while exploring their fascinating uses over the course of history.

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