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Dandelion Root Organic Tincture

Dandelion Root Organic Tincture

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Ready to supercharge your wellness game? Start with your liver, the superhero organ of detox! And guess what? One of the best boosters for it is probably chilling in your yard right now - yep, the humble dandelion. Far from just being a garden nuisance, this unsung hero of your lawn is actually a liver’s best friend. It helps detox, cleanse, and support your liver, ensuring it's doing its job: processing nutrients, zapping toxins, balancing hormones, and keeping your energy up and digestive health on point. Plus, as a bonus, it helps your heart by flushing out excess gunk, like salt, toxins, and fluids.*

Crafted from organically grown dandelion roots, our tincture squeezes out all the good stuff with a powerful, traditional organic alcohol extraction. This means you get a potent mix of phytochemicals with less plant matter needed compared to other solvents, like glycerin. Plus, it stays fresh and effective for years. It's a simple, effective way to keep your health in check naturally!

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