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White Camphor Essential Oil 10 ml

White Camphor Essential Oil 10 ml

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One whiff of White Camphor and you’ll discover its intense, woody aroma. Still, this essential oil is as fresh as they come, giving off eucalyptus-like notes due to its high cineole content. Typically, White Camphor can be used to help clear lungs and boost circulation within your body. This essential oil, once diluted into a carrier of your choice, is also useful for soothing muscle aches and pains. Any discomfort from joint pains can be effortlessly relieved when massaged into areas of concern.

Product Details

Botanical Name:Cinnamomum camphora

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Extraction Method:Steam Distilled

Plant Part:WoodAromatic

Scent:Strong and fragrant


Pregnancy Safe:No

Nursing Safe:No

Pup & Pony Safe:No

Shelf Life:2-3 Years

Cautions:Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. External use only

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