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Yoga / Meditation Blankets - Cozumel

Yoga / Meditation Blankets - Cozumel

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Classic Blankets

Size:  Approximately 52" x 74"
Weight: 2.1+ lbs.
Material:  Acrylic Blend (Acrylic with Cotton and Polyester)
Made in Mexico

Cozumel (74" x 50", 2.4 lbs.) - Our most popular blanket. Classic Mexican blanket look and feel. Durable and soft. Also gets even softer each wash.

These traditional Mexican blankets are the perfect weight—2.1 to 2.5 lbs.—to provide comfort and coverage for a variety of blanket purposes. Measuring at approximately 74" long and 54" wide, they offer versatility to serve as a blanket for warmth or for ground cover. Some of our customers even like to use them for yoga and other workout activities.

What’s even better is that these beautiful blankets are machine washable and get softer and fuller with every single wash. This means you can expect an even cozier blanket the longer you use it.

Blankets are simply one of the best values you can find for an authentic Mexican Blanket.

Care Instructions:  Hand or Machine wash warm or cold . Tumble dry with low heat. Adding softener when washing or a softener sheet in the dryer makes them feel great. Lint will go away after 1 or 2 washings. Be sure to empty your lint trap. Due to the authentic nature of the manufacturing process there may be loose strings. Simply remove these with scissors or keep the rustic look.


DISCLAIMER:  Although we try to represent all of our products as accurately as possible, due to the nature of blankets, the tone of the colors can vary and may not match the photo exactly. 


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